Our Story

This is who we are. After continuously encountering a common problem, we decided to create a solution. We're regular everyday people turned inventors in pursuit of American entrepreneurship here in Southern California; a husband and wife team with a knack for problem solving that led to a dream come true.

This is our idea. When our smartphone kept sliding onto the floorboard of our car after we hit the brakes; when our cup holders were no longer holding our drinks but our phones; when we swerved one too many times trying to answer a phone call; we took action!

We're MobiValet Inc., a small business with a pretty innovative product. Through exhaustive prototyping, testing, material selection, and working with suppliers, it's been quite the journey.  The end result - a sleek, stylish smartphone holder that easily mounts to your car console boasting freedom and style!  

It's patented! We are the first American company to offer a unique solution outside the world of plastic mounts.  Experience the freedom for yourself!